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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 23, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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well. decided to pass a clean disaster thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. i'll see you on "the five" in a relief bill. it's needed where we have floods little bit. and other natural disasters. have to get ready for that one. the president agreed to sign it. despite his declaration, he is here's trace gallagher. going to do things like lift the debt ceiling and fund the government. he's going to continue to work with congress and the disaster >> trace: a live look at the white house. president trump about to relief bill is very good news. announce more help for farmers >> neil: so a little bluster on and ranchers caught in the trade both sides. a.b. stoddard, always good to war for china. critics asking why taxpayers should pick up the tab. hear from you. another meeting getting started >> thank you. right now. about whether military should >> trace: and the presidents flex more muscle when it comes ready to address the farmers. to iran. they need the money. forecasters warning we could see a lot of them say it's not the aid. more tornadoes today after a we need the trade. we'll find out more about that round of dangerous and deadly when it happens. deadly storms on the move after slamming the midwest. storms. we're live in capitol city. we'll take you live to the scene in missouri where multiple there's word new technology can scan you for weapons and you tornadoes carved a path of destruction next. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain would never know it. smart security?
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or an invasion of privacy? i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. that's all ahead this hour. than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. we begin with breaking news. so why am i still thinking about this? president trump is about to announce more help for farmers i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain. hurt by the trade war between the u.s. and china. critics say it's another bail-out that comes out of oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ american taxpayer's wallets. (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential the announcement comes as there's more drama hover of once-weekly ozempic®. president trump's walk-out in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults yesterday. speaker of the house nancy lowered their blood sugar pelosi saying maybe the and reached an a1c of less than seven president wants to take a leave and maintained it. of absence after he vowed not to oh! under seven? work with democrats while they and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, investigate him. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. >> i pray for the president of oh! up to 12 pounds? the united states. i wish his family or a two-year study showed administration or staff would that ozempic® does not increase the risk have an intervention for the of major cardiovascular events good of the country. like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? >> trace: senate republican lindsey graham of south carolina ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ says democrats are going to far. ozempic® should not be the first medicine for treating diabetes, >> they're not trying to oversee or for people with type 1 diabetes this president. they're trying to destroy him or diabetic ketoacidosis. and his family.
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do not share needles or pens. that's too bad. >> the white house says even don't reuse needles. though president trump won't do not take ozempic® if you have a personal or family history work with democrats, staff level of medullary thyroid cancer, conversations continue on multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, critical legislation like or if you are allergic to ozempic®. raising the debt limit. we have team fox coverage. stop taking ozempic® and get medical help right away hillary vaughn has the latest if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, capitol hill reaction. severe stomach pain, itching, for to john roberts reporting rash, or trouble breathing. live on the north lawn. serious side effects may happen, john? >> trace, good afternoon to you. including pancreatitis. the battle lines have been drawn tell your doctor if you have diabetic retinopathy politically. now it's all about 2020. or vision changes. democrats are determined to taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin pursue investigations of the president that may lead down the may increase the risk for low blood sugar. road to impeachment. common side effects are nausea, they believe that keeping up the vomiting, diarrhea, pressure is the best way to stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, defeat him in 2020. president trump saying that the which may worsen kidney problems. political argument on his side i discovered the potential with ozempic®. is the democrats only want to ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ investigate and have no interest in doing anything to move the ask your healthcare provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. country forward. the president tweeting this morning "the democrats are getting nothing done in congress. all of their effort is about a what do all these people have in common, limu?oug redo of the mueller report, which didn't turn out the way they want it. [ paper rustling ] it's not possible for them to exactly, nothing. investigate and legislation at
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the same time. they're completely different people, all they're geared up to do is that's why they need customized squander time day after day, car insurance from liberty mutual.! trying to find anything that [ gargling ] will be bad for me." [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. this kicked into overdrive you've done it again, limu. yesterday when nancy pelosi only pay for what you need. accused the president in engaging in a cover-up and got ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ in a car and came to the white but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient house for a infrastructure originally discovered... meeting. the president came in and chewed her and chuck schumer out and in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown left. here's what the press secretary to improve short-term memory. had to say about it this morning. >> it's very hard to have a prevagen. healthier brain. better life. meeting where you accuse the president of the united states of a crime and an hour later show up and act as if nothing has happened. the idea of that is insane to any normal person. >> sources in the white house say that other democrats in the room were quite surprised about what happened and didn't seem happy about the fact that nancy pelosi had in a sense poked the bear before coming over here. there's a lot of question as to whether or not the white house and congress can work together
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on anything in the future. i'm told by sources like the u.s.-canada-mexico trade agreement, the budget can be worked on by staff with little interaction between the president and leadership in congress. big things like the infrastructure plan that they were supposed to talk about yesterday, things like merit-based immigration that the. would like to pass, trace, those will probably have to wait until after the 2020 election. >> meantime, john a couple of banks have given some of president trump's financial documents to congress. >> yeah, maxine waters subpoenaed nine institutions for wells fargo and td bank for their dealings with the trump organization. wells fargo and td bank have begun producing the materials to the committee. maxine waters said her staff has started analyzing the information. listen here. >> we don't have any information
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to share with you at this time about what we learned from the documents. as now know, judge rojas in the southern district of new york today made a decision about, >> we're still waiting for the president to address the yes, we should be able to get cameras. that will be happening in the those documents that they ruled next couple minutes, this is on our side and in our favor. about the farm aid. $16 billion. he will have several farmers on of course, we're looking forward hand for the ceremony. $16 billion that they extra to what happens beyond this. need. you listen to sonny purdue. >> a number of wins by democrats he says this is all china's yesterday. fault. two federal judges also deemed that may be so to an extent. but the farmers say we need the that subpoenas of the trump organization's accounting firm trade, not the aid. they play blame china but and deutsche bank which the trump organization has done a lot of business with are valid looking for the president for a solution. and that deutsche bank should we'll have that life. a fox weather alert. comply. the president is appealing that we have powerful tornadoes decision. in just a few minutes time, the tearing a cross the midwest president as you mentioned will killing three people and meteorologists say the threat is hold an event where he will not over. this is jefferson city. announce the federal government the capital of missouri. is going to be handing out some the national weather service $16 billion to farmers who have reports a violent tornado been hit hard by the current touched down just before trade war with china. midnight shredding homes and
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the president said last week businesses. take a look at this car that that money would come from tariffs collected from the dealership. the tornado is so powerful, it tariffs on chinese goods which picked up cars, s.u.v.s and to a large degree have been paid pickups and put them on top of by american consumers. it's not clear where that money each other all the way down these rows. is coming from. some of the money, about $100 workers say the trail of destruction was a mile wide in billion, will go into jefferson city and dozens of exploration to find other people were hurt. markets for u.s. farmers to sell nobody was killed. their goods. more than 150 miles south and we'll learn more about that in a west of the capitol, officials couple minutes, trace. say a different tornado killed >> trace: we'll have that live. john roberts live on the north three people near golden city, lawn. team fox coverage continues. including a couple in their 80s. their bodies found hundreds of lawmakers weighing in on the back and forth between president yards away from their home. trump and congressional democrats before heading out of let's get to matt finn reporting town for memorial day. the fox business network's live on if ground in jefferson hillary vaughn reporting live on capitol hill. city. matt? hillary? >> trace, president trump is >> trace, fortunately nobody killed here. it hard to believe. renaming the democratic party take a look at this church that the do nothing party while the was pummeled by the tornado. democratic controlled house is cars that were mangled. ditching congress to go on a businesses that were destroyed. happening right now. preplanned memorial day recess. business owners, homeowners are the republican controlled senate is still here trying to work out
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returning to their properties to a deal or disaster funding. assess the damage. some business owners acting fast >> i first believe we should not be leaving. and trying to secure their we should be staying in congress properties. jefferson city police say a and finish the supplemental violent tornado touched down around 11:40 p.m. disaster. when i look to this majority in neighbors say they heard the this house, i can't point to one sirens and have a few minutes to take shelter. problem that we've solved. many people called in because >> after yesterday's meeting at they were trapped. the white house on we've seen rescue crews going infrastructure blew up, house speaker pelosi says the door-to-door, climbing over debris. president needs an intervention. firefighters busting into >> he pulled a stunt. houses, promising, making sure i truly believe that the every last person is accounting president has a big of tracks, a form. here's the storm survivors that distraction, which is his master we talked to. of distraction. >> all around us, it was i think what got to him is these shaking. super loud rumbling. like we said before, like a court cases and the fact that train. felt like an earthquake when it the house democratic caucus is not on a path to impeachment. shoot the whole apartment that's where he wants us to be. complex. >> pelosi says that path to and us having, me in general, impeachment would be divisive, but she also says it might be having to have my mom cry there and freak out as i'm the one unavoidable, trace. >> hillary, what about the holding up everything making senate side? what are we hearing from them? sure she's okay. >> we're not far from the >> democratic senators are
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capitol itself here. pretty much dug in in step with the governor says there were state buildings that were damaged. so he's asking that any speaker pelosi. democratic senator chris coons nonessential employees stay home today and tomorrow. trace, unfortunately, this says he thinks is problem is not entire region is not in the pelosi, it's the president. clear just yet. the forecast calls for even more >> i think he's not double daring the house to move ahead potential tornado with impeachment. i think accountability for the historic flooding. president's inappropriate actions are in the mueller trace? >> matt, thank you. report is the 2020 election. a live look now at the white i think we should stop the silly games and the storming out and house. not only are we expecting to the demands. hear from the president on the >> mitch mcconnell saying that farm aid, the $16 billion, the house democrats or people in roosevelt room filling up, but this country don't care about top officials meeting about national security and the the squabble and senator lindsey mideast as tensions boil with graham says this is all a iran. jennifer griffin reporting live distraction. >> when she says the president from the pentagon. jen? >> despite sources in the wants to be impeached, i don't buy that. when she says her caucus is not pentagon telling multiple news divided, i don't buy that. speaker pelosi is trying to hide organizations that they were what i think is oven, that the weighing plans to send thousands to the middle east, acting democratic party is hell bent on
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impeaching president trump no defense secretary patrick matter what the evidence is and shanahan pushed back on troop no matter what he does. numbers in an impromptu gaggle >> fox news' chad pergram says the senate is in the process of on the pentagon steps. >> i want to make a couple striking a deal or a disaster comments about the process. aid package. there's no 10,000, there's no the senate plans to vote on that this afternoon. the house appropriations committee says they will pass it 5,000. as soon as possible. that's not accurate. what i can tell you is that i'm trace? >> hillary vaughn live. thank you. let's bring in a.b. stoddard, in regular contact with general columnist at real clear politics. always good to see you, a.b. mckenzie. i'll be meeting with the i want to start with this farm chairman and i have other briefings to do. aid off the top. so that is not the number. $16 billion, you know, the what we're focused on right now farmers, even the ones that is do we have the right force supported president trump, some are saying, you know, we'll take protection in the middle east. the aid but we don't really want as soon as there's that change, the aid. we want trade at this point in i promise i'll give you an time. >> yes, this is a problem is update. those numbers are not correct. >> shanahan is at the white that they need the bail-out house right now for a national money because they're facing security principal's meeting. that's where the troop numbers were supposed to be discussed, staggering losses. senator moran of kansas said his trace. >> trace: jennifer griffin live.
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we were talking, jen. ranchers and formers are facing we're still waiting for the long-term financial ruin. the industry will face long-term president to issue this farm damage as a result of what's bill. people were saying 10,000 troops going on still with china even is a lot. though some tariffs have been shanahan knocked that down. lifted on canada and mexico. i'm curious. this is really the problem here. was there mention of what the strategy might be? we're talking about another you get a bail-out, you wonder carrier strike force. are we talking about more bomber when is the next bail-out come regimes going over there? something will the government provide for that or can i plan what do we know? for that? >> that's up to the president they want to plan on planting for next season. that will be briefed this they can't. there's too much uncertainty. afternoon. officials say any increase in they want markets. they don't want bailout and u.s. forces could include a support money. they want to get back to the way cruise missile submarine like things were. until the tariffs are lifted or the u.s.s. florida. there is a deal with china, they florida's capable of firing over know that this is kind of 150 tomahawk cruise missiles. uncertainty they'll face. that's the problem. the president continues to talk about tariffs as a long-term submarines are not required to measure, they're so beneficial. surface before passing through they bring so much money to the the strait of hormuz and could treasury that in some tweets and move to the persian gulf statements, he said they're undetected. better than a deal. additional patriot anti-aircraft this is frightening everybody in missile systems are being the ag industry.
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>> trace: you talk about the considered. impact to the farmers. they would require additional troops to operate them with b-52 they've been hit by the floods and dozens of fighter jets, more in the midwest. how does this play politically search and rescue forces like even if we strike a deal next week with china? these air force para rescue men are the farmers going to say, could be called upon to help. bygones bygones or are they many lawmakers are concerned the going to have long-term memories u.s. provoking iran into a and impact and how does this play in 2020? military conflict by pulling out >> it depends on how it ends. of the nuclear agreement, and if it ends quickly and there's a good deal that bring them a new market, i think they will forgive and move on. imposing and embargo on the but they will still suffer iranian oil. long-term damage. some of those voters will not this move of forces is for turn out for president trump. deterrence sake. many of them continue to be with trace? >> trace: there's this debate going on whether this is the president no matter what. ratcheting up tension or just a you'll see that next year. show of force. we'll find out as the days go but this is -- the problem is on. that because they deal in jennifer griffin live at the seasons and because they have pentagon. thank you. already, as you said, faced not i want to bring back in a.b. only the consequences of the tariffs but devastating floods stoddard, the associate editor at that killed their livestock and preventing them from planting the roosevelt room is filling up this season, we don't know how with people. the farmers are there. they'll feel in the summer of the president will have this 2020 particularly if there's not
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a deal. >> and our hearts go out to event. he's going to announce $16 them. i want to move over to this battle between the president and billion in aid. i want to give you a quick democrats. nancy pelosi now saying that the president is itching for question on iran. impeachment and that, you know, maybe he needs an intervention. day two of this battle. is this a build-up, a show of what is your take? force or just ratcheting >> if you watched nancy pelosi tensions? since he came back to the the middle east? >> there was reporting from the speakership, she doesn't take to new york sometime that the pentagon was liking at a 120,000 the microphone and make dramatic, provocative statements like the president enjoys doing. troop build-up plans to confront the iranians in the middle east. so i was surprised to see how provocative she was this morning we always have plans ready to go saying he might need to take a leave of absence. at the department of defense. might need an intervention. that quickly came and went. the president made clear he was she's continuing to pray for not preparing for any kind of invasion or occupation or him. so i think she is after anything like that. 10,000 troops, the way the yesterday because she's so insulted by the fact that he senators that have been briefed on this on the republican side are describing it is that this pulled this stunt, i think she's is a show of force, a deterrent, trying to sort of engage in a game of don't know what kind of used to flex our power here. we know what we're doing. we're aware and going to be
12:13 pm
response that will provoke from present there. we're watching carefully the president. negotiators have everything that you're doing suggestively and doesn't mean that we're engaged in a military conflict or have plans to do so. that kind of deterrent message is critical. the iranians, despite the democrat's description of this, are really reacting to the pain they're feeling from the sanctions. so domestically, they have to respond aggressively to the u.s. because of the economic strain the sanctions have put on them. >> we talked earlier, going back to the farmers. just a note, patrick shanahan knocked that down if you didn't hear the top of the report. patrick shanahan said they're not going to send 10,000 troops or 4,000 troops. they have not made a decision on that. i want to swing back to the formers. we're waiting on the president to talk about this doctors 16 billion in aid and what might be next in this trade war with
12:14 pm
china. your thoughts on this. you listen to sonny purdue. this is all china's fault. that may be true. but these farmers are desperate need and they're looking for fingers to point and they're looking for people to blame. right now the person they want to blame is sitting in the oval office or about to enter the roosevelt room. >> right. everyone is unified in both parties, in farmers and everybody else in the need to confront the chinese. the tariffs have gone on for so long without a deal that they're wondering if their short term pain is long-term and whether or not it will yield to an actual gain. that's the question of timing. how long the pain lasts and how much political pain the president will suffer in his re-election campaign because of this. >> trace: it's a great place for us to pick it up. we're going to sneak in a quick
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break. maybe he will address how long he believes this pain might go on. we'll see if the president points fingers and what he says to these farmers waiting for much-needed relief coming up on "shepard smith reporting."
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>> trace: another quick look at the roosevelt room. still waiting for the president to arrive. he's going to talk about the $16 billion in farmer aid. you have $12 billion that came earlier this year. it's unclear what future aid packages would look like. a lot of farmers in the room. we have everybody from cotton farmers to poultry farmers. eagerly awaiting what the. says not just about the aid. they're very, very highly anticipating what the. says about the future with china. what does this look like, how long is it going to last? what the next steps are. when the president comes into the room, of course, we'll bring that to you.
12:20 pm
also on hand, you'll have acting chief of staff mick mulvaney as well as the agriculture secretary, sonny purdue. he came out earlier saying this is all about china. if china came to the table, lived up to their obligations, yes, we would have a deal and we wouldn't be here today. a lot of farmers need someone to blame and it's difficult to blame china. everybody realizes on both said of the aisle, yes, china cheats. whether it's in trade, whether it's militarizing the islands in the south china sea, about property that is not theirs. we're talking about intellectual property and those type of things. right now they're concerned about how they're going to feed their families tomorrow. first, we want to go to the american that pleaded guilty to supporting the taliban in the months before the attacks of september 11th.
12:21 pm
he's a free man. john walker lindh released from federal prison three years ago. some are questioning whether he's a threat to public safety. mike tobin reporting live where lindh had been in federal prison. >> he should be on his way to northern virginia now. that's where his supervision and parole are scheduled to take place, this is after john walker lindh left the federal prison undercover of night. the question is whether he is reformed. leaked documents reported by policy magazine said lindh continued in prison to get online, advocate jihad, prompting many to claim he's still a threat. >> he still as i understand it threatening the united states of america and still committed to the very jihad that he engaged in that killed a great american and a great officer. something deeply troubling about this. >> lindh had been indicted on
12:22 pm
ten charges. the defense poked holes in the case, mostly over the questioning of lindh in custody. so lindh was able to plead to supporting the taliban and carrying weapons in afghanistan. the sentence was 20 years. he did 85% of that as per the federal guideline. guideline says with good behavior he can go off with doing 80%. he does have some restrictions on his supervised release. he can't have a smart phone or an internet capable device. can only communicate online in english. trace? >> mike, you spoke to the father of cia agent mike spann that was killed the night troops found lindh. how is he reacting to the release? >> johnny spann is pretty upset to the early release. he said before and family members said before, it's a slap in the face. they always felt that john walker lindh new about the plans nor this uprising and could have informed span and could have
12:23 pm
saved his life. one of the things that johnny spann said, he asked rhetorically do you believe that he won't borrow a phone from a buddy? another thing that johnny spann said today, he takes exception with his name american taliban. when john walker lindh was in afghanistan, he trained with al-quaida, met with al-quaida, even met with osama bin laden. trace? >> trace: thanks, mike. utah set to test equipment that will find weapons in big places. the technology is called hex wave. and event organizers can behind the product behind walls or structures so people don't even know it's there. the machine using 3-d scanning to detect metal and nonmetal
12:24 pm
items. it uses artificial intelligence to detect guns and knives. the attorney general says the technology is less invasive than facial recognition and driver license scanning because it doesn't identify people as just objects. critics say it could be an invasion of privacy and officials have not released enough information about it yet. let's bring in jeffery cramer a former federal prosecutor and assistant u.s. attorney. jeffery, you looked at both sides. you think this is an invasion of privacy? it's like you go through the airport, they run a scan on you, this is a little different with artificial intelligence. what is your take? >> you can make the comparison between what we do in going through an airport, this is slightly different but not a lot different than what law enforcement has already done in
12:25 pm
heat waves in looking for marijuana plants that have been growing in the heat. that's necessary. that's been done in the past, this is a step up from that with artificial intelligence. it really does couple things that are unique. the technology itself is cutting edge. also what is interesting here is a government private sector relationship. the attorney general of utah is supporting this technology. there's agreement in place between the attorney general and this company. so the attorney general is pushing forth with this thing. >> but you have 50,000 people jeffery, in these stadiums or arenas, wherever they're going to put the technology. are you worried about false positives and these things going off and detecting things that aren't there? >> you know, a fair point. there are going to be false positives. as true with any new technology, it's not perfect. the argument is and it's a salient one, it's going to give more intel, more information to law enforcement where weapons
12:26 pm
might be where they shouldn't. are there things that could come up as positive that shouldn't be? absolutely. the corollary is a more worrisome thing where if you don't have the technology or in a filed or concert with 50,000 people without it, you aren't able to detect guns. so i think it's going to be a growing problem, if you will and it's going to have some growing pains for the company. but it is a first step. you're right. there are problems with respect to balancing privacy and security. that's not a new issue and that will be with us for the length of this country. you also have the problems with the technology itself. but that will get better. >> trace: i want to read you what the aclu released and see if you agree. it says here, we're concerned about the lack of detail and public input behind the utah attorney general's decision to sign an agreement that promotes testing of an experimental see-through 3-d body scanner.
12:27 pm
people attending sporting events and campuses did not sign up to begin -- hold on. the president coming up. let's go to them. >> trace: this is the roosevelt room. this was supposed to begin at 3:15. the president meeting with farmers, congressmen on hand, the acting white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney, the
12:28 pm
agriculture secretary, sonny purdue will be there. the majority of these people are farmers and in the industrial or the farming industry. they're from cotton farmers, corn farmers, poultry farmers, you name it. they're waiting for the president to announce the details of this $16 billion aid bill that will go to farmers. this comes on top of $12 billion in aid earlier this year. let's listen. >> some of the most incredible people in our country, people that have been with me from the beginning and i've been with them from the absolute beginning. the relationship has been very good. we're here with the vital act support for the american farmers. people that we love, people that have been going a long time and they've done really well. they have ups and downs. it's a wild business but you wouldn't trade it for anything.
12:29 pm
i know that, right? 100%. we're grateful to be joined by secretary of agriculture, sonny purdue. thanks very much, sonny. great job. thanks also to representatives j.t. thompson. thank you. thank you very much. lloyd smucker and mike conway. thanks, fellows. been very helpful. along with missouri agriculture director, chris chen. thank you. also with us, several of our nation's greatest farmers including american farm bureau president zippy duball. he's been so good to me. thank you, zippy. along with members of the farm groups representing producers of corn, soy beans, wheat and portion. for years, our politicians have
12:30 pm
allows countries to steal our jobs, punish workers and target an american industry and american agriculture. i can't say this is just the democrats, but in particularthi. from the year 2001 when china joined the world trade organization, which was a disaster, until the year 2016, the united states lost more than 60,000 factories and millions and millions of jobs. china imposed massive barriers to american farm products. you people know that well, right? very well. and engaged in theft of trade secrets from american agri business. we racked up nearly $4 trillion in trade deficits in goods be china during those years and the numbers are absolutely astounding what's been happening
12:31 pm
the last ten years in particular. but you go back 30 years and you wouldn't even believe it. this is a massive transfer of wealth from the united states to china, financing china's infrastructure, commerce, technology and military. you've heard me say it many, many times before, we helped rebuild china. you've also heard me say i don't believe the chinese, i blame the people here before me, the representatives, that allowed china to get along and do that. they did it like nobody else has ever done it before. you know, the united states has been taken advantage of for many years by many countries. nobody has done it like china. to end these chronic trading abuses, my administration took necessary and very lawful action to protect america's economy, security and farms.
12:32 pm
we're taking swift action to remedy all of the injustice that's been done over the years. in particular, you could say with our farmers, they're patriots. they stood up and they were with me. they didn't say you shouldn't do this because we're going to have a bad year. they've had 20 bad years. take a look at those charts. way back. longer than that it's just been a steady spiral down. so we will ensure that our farmers get the relief they ned and very quickly. good time to be a farmer. we're going to make sure of that. so today i'm announcing that i have directed secretary purdue to provide $16 billion in assistance to america's farmers and ranchers. it all comes from china. we'll be taking in over a period of time hundreds of billions in tariffs and charges to china. our farmers will be greatly
12:33 pm
helped. we want to get them back to the point where they would have had the they had a good year. this support for farmers will be paid for by the billions of dollars, our treasury takes in. we'll be taking in depending on what period of time we're talking, many billions. far more than the $16 billion we're talking about. the $16 billion will help keep our farms thriving and make clear that no country has veto on america's economic and national security. can't let that happen ever. if you remember, not so long ago during the time of our negotiation and china broke the deal with us, and that's okay, that's fine, but during that time of negotiation, if everyone remembers, we had periods where china would target our farms. right? they would target. they took an ad in a newspaper
12:34 pm
from iowa, big ad, saying lots of bad things about the administration, about the fact that we're negotiating too tough, we're not going to make a deal. but they steal intellectual property by the billions. somebody estimated it at $300 billion. somebody does. they say 300 billion a year in theft. intellectual property theft. so we can't let that happen. our economy is booming, our nation is prospering. now is the time to insist on fair and reciprocal trade for our workers and for our farmers. i remain hopeful that at some point we'll get together with china, if it happens, great. i look forward, i'll be seeing president xi at the g-20 very shortly. many of you will be there, many
12:35 pm
of the media. we look forward to that. but in the meantime, maybe for a long time, i appreciate the incredible bipartisan support that my administration has had on trade and trade policy, especially as it pertains to placing very massive tariffs on china. just so you understand, these tariffs are paid for largely by china. a lot of people like to say by us. in fact, larry kudlow was quoted but they didn't have the second part of his quote. china subsidizes a lot of businesses. china came out and in subsidizing the business, they pay for a big portion of that tax. right now a lot of companies are moving out of china because of the tax. they're moving to nontariffed countries. so it's a bad thing for china. we don't want that but that's the way it works out. we're taking in tremendous amounts of tariffs.
12:36 pm
you don't have to pay tariffs for companies when they move to the united states. it's simple business here. there's no tariffs to pay. many companies are already planning to move back to the united states or to move to the united states for the first time so they don't have to pay the 25% tariff. but they're moving to vietnam, they're moving to other places. we'll get plenty of them. our country must maintain a united front to achieve maximum results for our people. very simple. for years, farm income has declined. and we're talking about many years. this year, however, i was surprised to see this because i know that there's been really a trade attack on our great farmers, net farm income because our economy is doing so well is forecast to be nearly $8 billion higher than in 2016. did you know that? you're doing better than you did
12:37 pm
in 2016. nobody told me that. that's because our economy has been so strong. our economy is about as good as it's ever been, maybe better than it's ever been. the agricultural exports are expected to be $10 billion more than in 2016. it's not bad. you've done a good job. we both have. we all have. we're fixing broken trade deals to open up markets for american exports including with the u.s.-mexico-canada agreement. an agreement that many are supporting in congress. they told us they're reporting it. i don't think nancy pelosi understands the deal. it's too complicated. but it's not a complicated deal. it's not a complicated deal. it's a deal that is going to be many, many times better than nafta. i consider nafta to be one of the worst trade deals made in the history of our country. i think the world trade
12:38 pm
organization, larry kudlow, may be even worse. maybe worse. because of what its done with respect to trade and international trade. trade with china. what it's done for china and how much money our country has been losing to china every year. so world trade organization has been really bad. the nafta has been one of the worst deals ever made in trade. just last week, we reached an agreement with canada and mexico to left major tariffs on american agriculture and we opened up the beef exports with japan. did you know that? that's a big deal. we opened it up with japan. first time ever. beef is now going to be starting to flow to japan and our folks that do beef, they are very much happy. they were shocked to see that one. it's happening. it's happening fast. i think things will happen with china fast. i can't imagine that they can be thrilled with thousands of companies leaving their shores
12:39 pm
for other places. we're saving our farmers and ranchers from ridiculous regulations also. as of next week, we're signing additional voiding of some really dumb regulations, sonny that will make farming easier, a lot better. one of the regulations, we did waters of the united states rule. once you open the document, it's a total catastrophe. it's a disaster. i got rid of it. it's for our farmers and our country. we're ensuring that ethanol is a vital part of america's future. we increased it to e-15. tremendous for the most part our corn farmers. for corn, the people in iowa and other places are happy. i just did it recently and made a promise during the campaign i
12:40 pm
would do it. i don't know if it had an impact, but i won iowa by a lot. perhaps it did, perhaps it didn't. you're going to be at e-15. something you've been waiting for for a long time. we're going to make that available year round. they had it for a period of eight months. now we're going to make it year round, a ridiculous rule. we're fighting for rural broad band, improving healthcare and bringing care to distressed communities. opportunity zones. tim scott, i and others have worked hard open opportunity zones. they're working. people are coming in, investing large amounts of money in places they would have never invested before. inner city locations and others. it's been incredible. one of the reasons our african american unemployment is at the
12:41 pm
lowest ever. we have the lowest unemployment rates ever. we have today, just saw another report, the most people working in the history of our country working today. really great. mike, look at that. that's pretty good news, right? so our nation will always be proud of the unmatched grit and faith and skill of the american farmer. it's my honor to do what we did. i want to thank sonny purdue and all of the people that work so hard on getting this done. billions of dollars are flowing into our treasury that we saw before. we never saw ten cents from china. china didn't give us anything. now they're giving us billions. some of that money will go to the farmers to help them out during a period where trade has been very unfair to them. so i'm very honored to have done this for you. i don't consider it a gift at all. it's not a gift.
12:42 pm
one of the meetings that i talk about, i never said anything like it. six months ago, i was with the american farmer. i had 25 of them in the cabinet room. i said, you know, maybe what we can do during the trade -- this was in the midst of the big portion of trade with china. china a ingredient to by a tremendous amount of soy beans. this was before that. they were going and as i said, they were advertising and doing a lot of negative things to our farmer. i said we're going to do a subsidy program. one of the farmers said we don't want subsidies. i said what are you talking about? everybody is asking me for subsidies. sonny is asking us for money. they don't care. they all want money. they didn't want money. he said just give us a flat table. a level playing field. we don't want handouts, we don't want subsidies. just give us a level playing
12:43 pm
field. i said i can't believe you're saying it. i've been with so many different groups. if i said i'm going to give you subsidy or money, they jump, they're so happy. your people didn't want it. you understand, you, the potato man. they don't want it. nobody can compete with us. nobody has the equipment we have, nobody has the skills we have. i always say nobody has the soil and land that we have. wouldn't you say that? we're giving them a level playing field. we're helping out a little bit during a time of trade. i don't want to say war. if it's a war, we're winning it big. we're taking in a lot of money. we're going to help out our farmers and we're giving them that level playing field that is so important. i want to thank the farmers for being with us and thank our great congressmen and senators that have been so fantastic. god bless america's farms, god bless our country and thank you,
12:44 pm
sonny and larry and all the people that work so hard on getting this done. we're in a very strong position. our economy has never been better. thank you all very much. >> why doesn't your administration send that tax to pelosi and force her hand and start the clock? >> they're having very nice to her. she's a mess. she doesn't understand it. they sort of feel she's disintegrating before their eyes. she doesn't understand it. they want to have her understand it before -- its finished, signed as you know. mexico has approved the deal. canada has approved the deal. they're waiting to get a signal from her. now i would say this. the farmers should start talking to the democrats in the house. the senate is ready to approve it, the republican senate. the democrat house is not --
12:45 pm
pillow i have does not understand the bill. she doesn't understand it. even though unions are in favors of it, farmers, everybody just about is in favor of it. it's a replacement as i said the worst trade deal ever made. she's got to get up to snuff, learn the bill and -- by the way, i think she wants to approve it. i think. bob lighthizer is waiting to get the okay from her to send it in. we're at a point that we have to send it in. it's all ready. >> how long will you wait, sir? >> he said she would like to have two weeks to get to know the bill. i think that's a long time. i think it's a do-nothing congress. the democrats have done nothing in the house. they have done absolutely nothing. other than investigate. they want to investigate. after the mueller report came out, no collusion, no nothing. let's start it all over again. they weren't happy. they want to keep it going. what that does is takes up a lot of time and energy.
12:46 pm
they've done absolutely -- it's just been very bad. so if they don't get the usmca, that would be sad. jeff? >> speaker pelosi said she hoped your family would conduct an intervention with you. what is your reaction? >> i saw her read it perfectly the way she said it. it's a nasty-type statement. i will say this. she said i walked in and screaming and yelling. just the opposite. because i know that they will always say that, even if it didn't happen, because this happened once before. i walked out, i was so calm. you all saw me minutes later. i was at a news conference. i was extremely calm. i was probably even more so in that room. so i walked in the cabinet room. you had the group, crying chuck, crazy nancy. i've been watching her. i have been watching her for a long period of time.
12:47 pm
she's not the same person. she's lost it. as far as the group is concerned, where is sarah, kelly an? where are you? come hear. you were in the room, sarah was in the room. every time i go into the room, if there are no cameras, she was saying oh, he's yelling, he's screaming. what was my temperament? >> very calm. no tamper tantrum. they said you were fuming, temper tantrum, rage. it's a lie. you were very calm. >> peter doesn't want to hear this, by the way.
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